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Midnight Manifesto: So is Rory Williams actually the Master?


It has come to my attention that there is evidence that Rory Williams, from Doctor Who, may turn out to be the Master. First off, I’m a little pissed at myself for not picking up on it. Second off, the evidence is in fact a bit compelling. Here is at least some of that evidence:

-Rory showed no…

Louis' heart full of gold: Reblog if you would still want to marry one of the boys if they were never famous, has no money and could never sing




This is a test to see how many people love them for them not their fame title

I’d marry Zayn if he was still that boy who stayed in his bedroom all day and was on the computer and enjoyed comic books….

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The way Louis runs from the water is just priceless

Louis' heart full of gold: My Larry,Eleanor and management analysis


Hey fellow Directioners <3

So, I’ve been reading Larry analysises all night and now came to a point where I really want to share my thoughts about Louis, Harry, Eleanor and their management with you all.

I think Harry is bi, Lou is bi, the management is fuckin stupid and Lou wants to be with…

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